In a world of great change, where transformation is creating vast opportunities for the perceptive, agile, and open-minded, a stance of creative receptivity, of focused flexibility, is the ultimate edge.

Speaking of edgy, meet NoNameTag. NoNameTag is an open-ended series of events, mixers, and the gleefully undefined, all offered for your enjoyment and thoughtful, perhaps smirking, contemplation.

Jettisoning the conventional, each event showcases a unique theme, invitation, and venue, designed to stimulate the imagination, the intellect, and the senses. The invitations may startle and tickle you. The venues are selected with an event artisan’s eye. And the attendees - entrepreneurs, professional service and corporate executives, the tech/media/entertainment/Web 2.0 crowd, the elite international/expatriate set, and the generally amazing – emerge from their respective ecological niches and cross-pollinate.

So… what happens when you assemble all of this fascinating diversity at a great venue, add everyone’s favorite beverage, and stir? Well, the answer is never the same. Rest assured it’s not 42. We invite you to join in and introduce yourself

Your Hosts,

Tracy Kwiker and Gordon Einstein